Where Do We Start?

It all starts with understanding your business goals, technical needs, personalities and team dynamics. Within couple of days, we'll introduce you to the right CFO expert for your project.

We Give Your Business The Gift of Time

The most precious resource for any business entrepreneur and executive is time. At CFO Masters, we value your time more than anything else. We will provide you with the right finance talent you need to push your performance and help your business soar.

Achieve more Time

The right CFO expert will free up your time, so you can focus on looking after your business and taking care of your customers.

Fuel Business Performance

The CFO is a partner and advisor to you and your team, and will help you capitalize on the wins and overcome the problems.

We Value Our Reputation

Nothing is more sacred when it comes to someone else’s finances than the reputation of those managing them. We understand the responsibility that we bear: jobs, family legacies, and careers. We want people to choose us, because our reputation is so important, we need to choose our clients too. We will provide a free consultation, and only take you on as a client if we know we can help.

What to Expect from your CFO


No Obligation.

The CFO will take a quick look under the hood and run a full diagnostic on your financial situation.

Quick Wins!

In most cases there are some quick wins that almost any company can take advantage of, your CFO will dig 'em up and hand them to you.

Understanding Your Goals

You can’t start planning until you know what your goals are. Growth? Profitability? Acquisition? or an Exit! Once you get this, you can decide how to move forward.


Your CFO has looked under the hood, handed you some cash, and now understands where you want to go. It's important to set the short- and long-term objectives you know you can meet.


Goals? Check. Objectives? Check. Expectations? Check. Now how are we going to get there? This is the most important phase. The plan.
Your CFO will gather the necessary data, people and tools needed to make the magic happen. Ensure that your team is involved every step of the way with a detailed plan and timelines.

The CFO will work backwards from where you want to be and benchmark the steps along the way, this makes it easy to adjust and stay on target.

Your CFO expert will ensure that you are comfortable with the plan. With full transparency she/he will not move forward unless you all agree on the how.


Now the fun stuff, you have hit the enter button and are on your way. Your CFO begins to execute.

Weekly status updates.

At least once a week you will sit down with your CFO and track your progress tweak where necessary and ensure you are on target.


You'd like to take some time here to celebrate the wins (and there will be wins).

This phase is always happening, CFOs are always executing and delivering results. By this point your CFO is an extension of your business and a profit centre not a cost centre.


Always ensuring your CFO brings you more value than you are spending on sourcing the expertise. Hey its good job security for the CFO.

As your goals change so will the CFO tactics. No business is stagnant, your CFO will be as fluid as your dreams and innovations.

Efficiency, the longer your CFO works with you, the less time he/she has to spend on you and less time you need to worry about anything. It’s just the nature of the business. With efficiency comes more growth, more profit, more dreams.

Are you ready to experience how CFO Masters can help your business succeed?

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