Why you should hire a Fractional CFO

In the past decade a new trend has been closing the gap between the large companies and small and medium enterprise (SME) helping them compete head-to-head without much disadvantage. This trend is hiring a fractional CFO.

10 Bookkeeping Mistakes Business Owners Often Make

Many small business owners choose to maintain their business accounts themselves. However, it's easy to make mistakes even with the best accounting software. CFO Masters explains ten common bookkeeping mistakes and stresses the need to hire a bookkeeper when maintaining the books gets too much for the business owner.

10 Planning Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

The only time some business owners write a business plan is at the start-up phase of their venture. However, business planning doesn't stop once the company has been launched. CFO Masters explains the importance of on-going business plans and ten tips to help business owners plan for growth.

Hiring an Interim CFO vs. a Fractional CFO

For many startups and small- to mid-sized companies, hiring a full-time CFO is out of reach. Yet understanding where your venture is in terms of financial strategy is key to facilitating growth. So what options do you have? The first is to hire a part-time, or fractional CFO. The second, to bring on an interim, or temporary CFO. So what’s the difference?

How to Grow Your Business up to 30% Faster

Did you know businesses that plan, and then track their performance against their plan, grow up to 30% faster than those that don’t?

18.07.2017, The Day The Tax World Changed

As an individual with plenty of interest in the tax rules the reaction to the July 18th 2017 proposals has been incredible to observe.

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